Peace. This is my personal blog in which you'll find my interests, hobbies, and personal experiences I share with whoever wants to read about it.  I am a photographer, stylist, and model as well as a Visual Arts major with a concentration on Advertising Design at Bowie State University.  Right now I'm working on honing my skills in various areas of creative production including photography, editing, styling, and directing. I'd like to think of myself as a commercial photographer focusing on fashion, beauty/glamour, editorial, and lifestyle.  However, I am trying to practice taking more artistic images as well.  Check out my blog, my portfolio, and please email me if you're interested in booking a shoot with me. Also, look out my online store and print model workshops coming soon!


Amber Rayne

All Inquiries:

Email: amberk.matthews@yahoo.com
Website: www.theamberrayne.com
Professional Portfolio: www.behance.net/amberrayne
Instagram: @theamberrayne