Monday, June 25, 2012

Fresh Ass Summer Trends!

So there's a bunch of trends for the summer that I really like and wouldn't mind following if only for the summer! One of my favorite trends is the high-low aka mullet trend that is slightly taking over all types of clothing items  from skirts to tops to cardigans.  Now "mullet" anything doesn't sound to appealing and at first I wasn't to sure if liked the contrast of different lengths in the front and back but now I am SOLD.  I even made my own high-low crop tank with a funky wolverine tee I got for $1!!  I especially like long high-low skirts that are around maxi-length in the back and mid-length in the front! Super cute and classy! I am also absolutely in love with high-waisted bikinis! I love these bikinis because they look great on practically any body type.  They seem to give slim girls a little more curve and really smooth out and flatter very curvy women.  If you're on the slim side, just be careful to not go too high with the bottoms.  If the bottoms are right under your bust they might take away from your shape rather than add curves and if the bottom is that high you might as well wear a one piece!  I prefer a bottom that will come right above the belly button.  They're also great for ladies who prefer a little more coverage with some subtle sexiness! My last favorite trend are round John Lennon-esque sunglasses. Can you say FRESH? The hippie-chic round frames have completely stolen my heart and my rose-colored shades have me feeling like I should have definitely been around for Woodstock! lol

Here's some of some of my favorite ways these trends have been rocked by celebs, in ads, and on some of us beautiful regular people :)

My Favorite High-Lows!

Celebs Rocking their high-waisted bikinis!

Taylor Swift
Katy Perry

Ashley Greene on the cover of Glamour
The C.I.T.F. High-waisted tropical Bikini on a C.I.T.F. customer!
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Circular Summer Specs


Round Sunglasses for Tom Ford (ad)

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