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What to Wear? : Amazing Designers and Brands to Rock

My floral pants by Mila&Fire at work for casual friday :)
As many of you know I have my own online boutique for Caught In The Fresh, that specializes in vintage clothing and unique modern finds.  Part of the reason I started my business is because I am ALWAYS on the hunt for fresh and unique clothes to incorporate into my funky style. This post is all about some amazing designers, brands, and clothing collections that really have some amazing items to offer to the fashion world.  It's dope when you can find a great brand or place where you can go, right at home to supply your fashion needs, so make sure you support greatness in the making!

We Want More Mila & Fire!
Well-known in the DMV for their amazing style, posh events, and super unique collection of vintage, contemporary, and reconstructed items; Mila & Fire have blazed the trail for local underground fashion and inspired so many others with their own boutiques, including me!  With Mila & Fire's wide range of styles and variety of items offered for gals and guys, there is something for everyone at!

Name: Morgan Powell & Kelcie Glass
Known As: Mila & Fire
Specialty/Talent(s): Owners of  Mila and Fire , Reconstructing vintage clothing
About Mila & Fire: "Mila & Fire is an online store full of contemporary, vintage, and reconstructed threads that exude an energy of individualism, style, and sex."
Current/Upcoming Projects?: "We are prepping for our 2 year anniversary event, which will take place in the fall."
**Mila and Fire are also hosting a networking event called "The Summer Connection" July 19 at Lotus Lounge! Click HERE to get your ticket for this FREE event!

Contact info:

Social Contact:
Instagram: MilaandFire

Check out their unique threads!

Let's take it back to the Originals!
Originals is a brand that instantly caught my eye.  The throwback graphics and designs on their items are reminiscent of the early 90's fashion trends that have really come back in a big way.  They have also revolutionized wrist wear with their extremely practical and fresh USB bracelet. The OG brand is here to stay so be original and cop some OG now!

Name: Kiyree Arvinger & Corey Arvinger 
Business: Owners of Originals (OG)
Specialty/Talent(s): Creating the Originals Clothing Line
About Kiyree and Corey: "We are young black entrepreneurs that started a clothing line based off of the Original style of African American icons in the 90's."  
Current/Upcoming Projects?: "We are currently putting out new items on the site. We are also working on our release for the fall. Also we are planning a huge college tour."
Social contact: 
Instagram:  Kiyree -KoolKiy , Corey - arvingerc 
"Be Original"

Looking Lovely with Anifa M.
A beautiful genius.  Anifa M. has captivated me and many others with her sexy, classy, and simply gorgeous designs she offers through her online store.  The patterns, shapes, and beautiful fabrics she uses to create her masterpieces will make anyone want to indulge themselves in being wrapped in one of her one-of-a-kind garments.

Name: Anifa Mvuemba
You Can Call Her: Anifa M
Specialty/Talent(s)/Business: Fashion Designer and Owner of shopHanifa
About Anifa: "I'm 21 years of age. I was born in Kenya and raised in all over Maryland. I'm a young fashion designer who absolutely loves to create and design. Ive always known I wanted to design. I do a lot of overseas traveling for inspiration and materials. I've always had a passion for fashion and design. I finally took it seriously December of 2011, and I've been working hard since then."

Current/Upcoming projects?: "I just released my 2012 summer collection, I've been doing some traveling . Shophanifa is currently planning its first Fashion show that will debut our Fall/winter collection for 2012-2013"



Social contact:
Instagram: Shophanifa , anifam 

One-Of-A-Kind Elegance

Being an Eracist!
The "Erace The Hate" clothing line is more than just a dope street wear brand with a positive message.  "Erace the Hate" is a movement promoted by Eracism LLC to improve the well-being of the human race by eliminating hatred and intolerance by replacing it with unity, love and acceptance.  More than a clothing line, "Erace The Hate" and Eracism LLC is a cause worth supporting.

Name: Lyndon M. Gray
Also Known As: Gray Poupon
Specialty/Talent(s)/Business: President of "Erace The Hate" By ERACISM LLC and Soular POW!ered Artist
Affiliations: Soular POW!er Wreckords, Team 1000 Radio, LAfropolitan, NAACP, Howard University, JR Canis Majoris, C Bell Live (comedian)
About Lyndon: "I’m a born and raised Kansas City, Show Me state native.  Studying Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan, while I was growing up, taught me the discipline and patience that motivate my aspirations to better my community.  My sophomore year at Rockhurst High School, I became a personality on the “Generation Rap” for KPRS Hot 103 Jamz.  Being active kept me from conforming to the violence and crime in my city.  I knew that I had control of my future. And I know that I can #eracethehate.  dream to make a lasting impression on today's society.  With fashion and music being the most prevalent forms of expression, I will use these for making peace and positivity the new trend.  I am the founder of ERACISM Clothing LLC.  I intend for our apparel, “Erace The Hate”, to make peace the new definition of cool.  I do this to make a statement more than to create a fashion, but the statement is in the fashion so it works.  We will make love, unity, and peace become more important than hate and destruction. The brand “Erace The Hate” will become what you stand for and the lifestyle you live. With empowering apparel and my sax, the secret weapon, I bring charisma and creativity to you personally.  I am dedicated to making Erace The Hate fits and Soular hits."

Current/Upcoming Projects?: "Right now, we’re in the preparing for the launch of our new website this Labor Day.  We just got back from the NAACP National Convention in Houston, and we made a lot of great connections!  Our campaign for our fall apparel is “Excellence”.  We will be releasing all new apparel and promotion items for the Obama 2012 election.  Sidenote: Go Vote!!!" 



Social Contact:
Instagram: EraceTheHate

"Erace The Hate"

Getting Funky with Gen-XY Vintage!
Gen-XY Vintage is the one-stop-shop for all things funky and eclectic.  Having personally been to a private shopping party hosted by owner of Gen-XY Vintage, Ashley Tyrus, I can attest to the large variety of quality vintage items offered at a great price.  Ashley also has a knack for creating some super cool, custom denim creations and providing banging accessories like Gen-XY's awesome bow ties.  Looking for something fresh? Shop Gen-XY Vintage. 

Name: Ashley Tyrus
You Can Call Her: Ashley or "Tyrus:
Specialty/Talent(s)/Business: Owner of Gen-XY Vintage, Entrepreneur, Creator
About Ashley: "I’m funky, weird and free. I enjoy all types of art including fashion, film, tattoos, music and cooking. Currently, I wear all hats behind the Gen-XY Vintage brand including buying, creating, marketing, styling, events, and just the overall daily duties. I love what I do and plan to expand to many other exciting projects personally and for the brand in the future! I created Gen-XY Vintage to drape women in vintage, vintage-inspired and handmade clothing and accessories. The clothing that I pull for the company is for the “everyday girl” which includes the hardworking girl in the office as well as the fun girl at the party on Friday night. The idea behind the company is to empower everyone to create timeless trends by incorporating vintage pieces into their wardrobe!"

Current/Upcoming projects?: "Currently I’m working on ideas for upcoming events and projects that I will be collaborating with other local brands on. I’m also really focusing on promotion and marketing, and anticipating our 1 year anniversary and the introduction of our men’s line in the fall!"



Social contact:
Instagram: msamarse

Funky. Fresh. Fun. Free.

That about wraps it up folks.  These designers have officially been "Caught In The Fresh!" Support these local business that have some amazing things to offer to your lifestyle and wardrobe.
Peace <3

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